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Horse therapy

Personal development, transformation and emotional growth through horses


Our Horse Harmony program is about personal development, transformation and emotional growth through horses. The program is a a journey with horses to self-discovery targeting Youth at Risk, Personal Development, Wellbeing and Mindfulness.


Horses are typically non-judgmental, have no preconceived expectations or motives, and are highly effective at mirroring attitudes and behaviours of the humans with whom they are working.

Cats and dogs have been used as therapy animals for many years, but unlike smaller animals, horses are gentle giants that have a calming effect magnified by the size. Cats and dogs are predators, whereas horses are prey animals that have evolved to live in herds for safety.

Horses are highly sensitive to changes in body language that can signal safety or danger. It is because of this that horses can help teach humans to manage a variety of problems.


The Horse Harmony program is not so much about getting on the horse as most of the program is facilitated on the ground. The focus is on having participants becoming aware of their own emotions and learning the ability to regulate themselves.

Attendees are matched to horses according to their personality. Those people who may be suffering insecurities are paired with a strong personality horse to help them learn to say “no” assertively and the ability to set healthy boundaries. Alternatively, a person who is loud with a strong personality may be matched with a sensitive horse. This teaches the person to develop calmness and to reflect on how their body language affects others around them.

Often changes happen quickly, with loud and disruptive students becoming calm and focussed, and nervous students learning to stand tall and proud. The aim is not so much to “fix” the participant problems, but rather to achieve an understanding of their own behaviours.

Horse Therapy Animal Therapy Rockhampton Queensland

The benefits...

Interacting with horses has many powerful benefits including;

Empowerment in family, social and professional relationship


Recognising and moving beyond conditioned behaviours

and thought patterns

Encourages resilience when faced with stressful or

challenging situations

Boost your confidence and self-esteem through authentic

and effective communication

Establishing and maintaining clear, consistent boundaries


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